EOS, GALA and Pullix Lead the Surge

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The GALA (GALA) crypto price has showcased a gigantic surge from its bottom mark of the $0.012 level and has formed a double bottom before breaking out. Afterwards, the bulls persisted in dominating the market and accumulating the coin.

As a result, GALA  surged by over 200% over the past few weeks, leading to a price increase above the $0.03 mark. EOS (EOS) buyers succeed in holding the price above the 50-day EMA, which indicates a mild bullishness, and this is evidenced by its 8% increase in the past week. 

Despite the success of both of these cryptocurrencies, the most attention is given to Pullix (PLX), which can lead the surge and climb by 100x following its launch. Today, we will explore the price increase opportunities found within each crypto. 

Pullix (PLX) – Leader of the Next Generation of TradeFi

Pullix (PLX) is the first community exchange and can push the future of TradeFi in a whole new direction. It will make trading accessible to all users globally and simplify the process with a crypto-deposit approach, where the deposited crypto can be used as collateral when trading. This removes the need for extensive user documentation and will make it the best DeFi project. Another standout feature is its innovative liquidity provision strategy.

Pullix will encourage users to contribute liquidity and will provide superior liquidity with more competitive prices than any counterpart. This can attract a larger user base and increase the demand for the native PLX crypto. The platform will offer any DeFi enthusiast institutional-grade trading with minimal slippage.

Each trader on the platform can engage in the process through the off-chain order book, which will deliver a speed advantage compared to traditional CEXs. Pullix will implement a unique Copy Trading Feature and will feature AI-driven algorithms. This way, each user can copy the best traders in the ecosystem and increase their profit potential.

Pullix is a groundbreaking DeFi project that will push forward a new, efficient era of trading. During the first stage of its presale, it is offered at $0.04, but the token will also offer holders benefits.To begin with, PLX token holders gain a portion of the daily revenues generated by the exchange and can choose to stake the token, earning even more rewards or bonuses.

Gala (GALA) Gaining Bullish Momentum

The Gala (GALA) price experienced a major breakout. The crypto is up 200% and initially, it began at $0.012 just a few weeks ago and is now as high as $0.03. On the on-chart data, the Gala crypto is forming higher highs, highlighting an even stronger momentum. 

The chart reveals a vertical rebound as the coin decisively surpassed key moving averages. According to the Fibonacci retracement levels, the GALA crypto has sustained above the 50% zone and is near the upper Bollinger band. 

Its RSI curve stayed in the overbought zone and formed a positive divergence, indicating strength on the charts for this altcoin. According to the Gala price prediction, it can reach $0.0406 by Q1 2024. 

EOS (EOS) Future Price Prediction

The EOS (EOS) crypto recently also showcased a bullish run, where buyers succeeded in holding the price above the 50-day EMA, indicating mild bullishness. The 200-day EMA is acting as a hurdle for the bulls, however, and this confirmation of the trend reversal will occur when the price climbs above this EMA and is sustained.

At the start of November, EOS broke out of the $0.60 price hurdle and expanded its range upwards. The momentum in the price of EOS halted at the $0.74 level, a point of value where it’s currently hovering. 

The EOS price prediction favours the bulls and suggests that it might show a decent rally in 2024, spiking as high as $1.23.


Just like Gala and EOS, the Pullix project has bullish growth potential. Its unique feature set, rich ecosystem, and extensive token utility can push it forward. It will establish a secure platform for investors of all experience levels.

This will increase the usage of PLX tokens and their price in the long run, and as a result, PLX is among the best crypto to invest in right now, with some analysts pointing at a 100x surge at launch.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: 

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