Google Maps introduces landmark-based Address Descriptors in India – Here’s how it works

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Google Maps is used by millions of users to reach their desired destinations daily. To make it more immersive, Google introduced Street View in India last year, which has now been expanded to over 3,000 cities and towns. To enhance this experience, the tech major has now introduced a new India-first feature – Address Descriptors.

The feature has been introduced keeping in mind the fact that Indian users often search for destinations with the help of landmarks like places of worship, medical facilities and government services. According to Goole, these landmarks help people communicate their addresses in a better way and Address Descriptors will do the same. 

“Address Descriptors on Google Maps will help users understand addresses in a way they are used to in real life,” Miriam Daniel, VP & GM, Google Maps, said.

“Dropping a location pin on Google Maps and sharing it with friends and family is a very common practice in India. Using a combination of machine learning signals Google Maps will automatically find up to five of the most relevant landmarks and area names around your pinned address, and display the landmark reference when you share your location. This will make it easier for users to locate these addresses in unfamiliar areas,” she added.

Daniel said that Google will roll out this feature to users across India early next year. 

Google has also introduced the Live View walking navigation feature in India. 

This feature shows arrows, directions and distance markers overlaid on the Maps screen, helping users quickly figure out which way to head in.

Another feature introduced by the tech major is Lens in Maps. This feature will instantly show nearby restaurants and cafes by simply pointing you down the street. 

The Lens in Maps will also give useful information like opening hours, ratings, reviews and photos. The features will be launched in 15 cities across India by January 2024.  

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