Love Achaari Paneer? Youve Got To Try This Delectable Kathi Roll ASAP

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Paneer is one of the most versatile foods out there. Be it in the form of a snack or a curry, we simply cannot get enough of it. One such popular variety that is enjoyed is the classic paneer kathi roll. Whether you’re at a cafe or a street food vendor’s stall, you’ll easily find this roll on the menu. While kathi roll originates from Kolkata, people can now be seen experimenting with it in numerous ways across the country. In this article, we’ll introduce you to one such example of culinary experimentation. It’s called achaari paneer kathi roll. Achaari paneer is a preferred flavour in which this food is enjoyed. But here’s a unique kathi roll version that you must try. So, if you’ve been craving kathi rolls lately, get ready to indulge in the flavours of this tasty kathi roll. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make it.

What Is Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll?

Achaari paneer kathi roll is quite different from the regular paneer kathi roll. This one promises a lot more flavour due to the use of achaari masala. In this recipe, the paneer cubes are marinated twice instead of once. This allows for better absorption of flavours. It is perfectly soft on the inside and has a crispy exterior.  Achaari paneer kathi roll will definitely be a hit among all the paneer lovers out there.
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Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll Recipe | How To Make Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll

To make this kathi roll, start by marinating the paneer with ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and salt. Keep it aside for an hour. Now dry roast all the seeds in a pan and add to a mixer grinder. Blend to form a fine powder. To this, add mustard oil, black salt, achaari masala, and all the other dry masalas. Mix well to make a paste. Take the marinated paneer pieces and coat them with the prepared spice paste and yogurt. Keep aside for another half an hour. Once done, roast them in an oven for around 7-8 minutes. Next, heat a paratha on a tawa. Apply some pudina chutney all over it and place the marinated pieces in the centre. Top it with sliced onions and a drizzle of lemon juice. Fold the paratha from one side to the other, shaping it into a kathi roll. Secure it with a toothpick and enjoy with chutney. Achaari paneer kathi roll is ready to be relished!

Click here for the complete recipe for achaari paneer kathi roll.
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So, what are you waiting for? Make this delicious kathi roll at home and let us know how you liked its taste in the comments section below. 

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