Viral Video: Flight Passenger Sneaks Chips Into Sleeping Friends Mouth, Internet In Splits

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When it comes to memorable moments with friends, it is usually a mix of two things – food and fun. We have all been on those road trips filled with packaged snacks, late-night ice cream drives, street-side momo adventures, and, of course, lunch get-togethers. A hilarious video capturing the foodilicious fun between friends is making waves on Instagram. In the video, a friend is playfully stuffing chips into the mouth of his pal, who is taking a nap. Hilarious, right? After watching the scene, the Internet could not help but burst into laughter, with users posting all kinds of funny reactions.
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The video begins with three friends on a plane headed to some destination. The one in the centre is taking a nap with his mouth open, and the friend sitting on the aisle side takes the opportunity to stuff his open mouth with chips. This doesn’t stop at just one or two chips; he keeps going until there’s no space left. Suddenly, the sleeping friend moves a little, and all the chips fall between his folded arms.

The caption of the post reads, “It’s about the friends we made along the way.”

Take a look at the video below:

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Over 14 million people viewed this video, and many shared their reactions in the comment section.

A user wrote, “The way some people find amusement while travelling in the sky will always continue to amaze me.”

Another one added, “How is no one mentioning how fine that chip placer man is?”

“That guy made a core memory,” echoed a few.  

Sharing the same kind of experience, a person said, “I sleep like that on planes. One time a buddy stacked mini pretzels in my mouth.”

“In the meantime, everyone needs friends like this,” read a comment.

Someone tagged their friend and wrote, “sorted my inflight entertainment for Mexico, can’t wait for you to fall asleep haha.”

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