Viral Video: Making Of 73-Year-Old Bun Kebabs In Karachi Has Internets Attention

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A party’s appetiser platter is truly incomplete without a variety of flavourful kebabs. Whether it’s shami kebab, galouti kebab, or simple dahi ke kebab, these crispy delicacies can make any foodie go weak at the knees. They are a bomb of flavours in a literal sense. You might be wondering why, all of a sudden, we are talking about kebabs. Well, the internet has helped us add a new kebab recipe to our foodie diaries. Presenting: Bun Kebab. No, they aren’t any random dishes stuffed between two buns like a desi-style burger. But a brand new kebab recipe made with foam prepared from eggs. Yes, you read that right. A video showing its making is doing the rounds on the internet.
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The now-viral clip was shared by an Instagram food page. It begins by revealing that this dish is from Karachi, Pakistan, and is 73 years old. Bun-kebab’s preparation starts by beating the egg white. Once it transforms into a cloud-like foam, the street vendor mixes egg yolk in it and beats it again. The already prepared dal kebab is then dipped nicely in the egg foam and pan-fried properly. When one side turns golden brown, flip the kebabs to fry the other side. It is served with buns fried in butter. The clip was shared along with the text, “Jhaag se bana kebab.” Watch the full video here:

In no time, the comments section was flooded with many users expressing their urge to try this dish. Many Indians claimed they would love to visit Pakistan to try this dish. A comment read, “Food and their stories. Endless, mesmerising, and beautiful. Wish I could try those delicious bun kebabs.” A user said, “Loved the video of the kebab & the commentary.” Another urged the vendor to open a shop in India. “Ek branch India me khulwa do yaar.
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A few users revealed that they have tried the recipe, and it is simply delicious. One user wrote, “Had this in Karachi way back in 1996. It was pretty amazing back then. 10/10”. Another comment read, “Bhai India parcel kardo kebabs.” Some compared the dish with fish kabiraji, which is a much-loved delicacy from West Bengal. In fish kabiraji, fish is dipped in egg foam and fried. A user said, “Somewhat like Bengali kabiraji.”

Would you like to try these unique bun kebabs? Tell us in the comments section below!

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