5 New Crypto Launches to Watch as Bitcoin ETF Token Raises $1.3M

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Amid the recent market pullback, several new projects have sincerely pushed ahead, with the renowned Bitcoin ETF Token presale leading the pack after surging past $1.3 million.

Several of these cryptos look poised for tremendous success once word gets around, meaning those who buy in early could garner massive gains.

Based on our analysis of market trends, price data, use cases, and tokenomics, the five best new crypto launches are Bitcoin ETF Token, Meme Kombat, TG Casino, Bitcoin Minetrix, and TokenSight.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at each.

Bitcoin ETF Token

Our analysis rendered Bitcoin ETF Token the overall best new crypto launch to watch. It leverages the prevalent Bitcoin ETF excitement, which presents massive hype-driven potential.

However, it also features compelling tokenomics designed to diminish its supply while propping up its demand. These two factors have driven its presale to raise $1.3 million in two weeks, leading analysts to make exciting predictions.

YouTuber Crypto Boy dubbed $BTCETF as having 100x potential. Meanwhile, Jacob Bury predicts 10x returns after its IEO.

The project features three main mechanisms: staking, burning and news. Its staking mechanism currently offers a 185% APY, but this will reduce as the staking pool grows, so potential buyers should act fast to maximize their yield.

Meanwhile, its burn mechanism aims to enhance the token’s scarcity and long-term price potential. The team allocated 25% of tokens to be burned, aligning with five key Bitcoin ETF milestones. 

Also, it features a 5% burn tax on transactions, making $BTCMTX deflationary.

Meanwhile, its news feature will pull the latest Bitcoin and Bitcoin ETF developments from around the internet into one dashboard, making navigating the market easier for its community.

This is also expected to enhance community engagement and participation, enabling it to grow long-term.

Meme Kombat

The second crypto launch to watch is Meme Kombat. It is currently undergoing a presale, nearing $2 million after just seven weeks. 

Much of Meme Kombat’s success is due to a trend-savvy use case, solid tokenomics, and robust security.

In a nutshell, the project enables users to gamble on AI-generated battles between infamous meme coin characters.

This taps into the meme coin and crypto gambling niches, which are highly explosive and poised for significant returns as we head into the next bull market.

Moreover, blending both industries provides more mass audience appeal, opening the token to greater upside potential.

Another benefit to Meme Kombat is that its native token, $MK, is required to gamble. This provides a significant demand stream, provided the platform is popular.

It also offers a staking feature, currently boasting a 496% APY. This will also drive demand while reducing the available supply.

Lastly, Meme Kombat provides a safer alternative to most other meme coins because its team is doxxed, and it has had a smart contract audit by blockchain security firm Coinsult.

These factors all hint at notable room for growth after its IEO. Currently, investors can buy $MK for $0.205, but they must be fast because its price will rise to $0.214 in one day.

TG Casino

TG Casino is a newly launched crypto casino exclusively on Telegram. Being Telegram-native means the casino boasts a simplistic user experience with an intuitive, beginner-friendly user interface.

It also means that TG Casino is accessible to Telegram’s one billion users, providing lots of demand potential. Lastly, Telegram’s end-to-end encryption means users can gamble worldwide without restriction.

The project is currently in its presale stage, raising $2.8 million in eight weeks. However, excitement has ramped up lately, as it raised over $300K in one day.

Prominent analysts are backing TG Casino, with Eric Cryptoman dubbing it a potential “huge runner.” Meanwhile, Little Mustacho predicts it could rival Rollbit, which currently holds a $570 million market cap.

TG Casino offers gambling on hundreds of games and sportsbook events, and the $TGC token presents several exciting perks. For instance, holders get 25% cashback on losses, a 204% staking APY, access to exclusive games and rooms, and free rewards.

The project also features a buyback mechanism that will repurchase $TGC with a portion of the casino’s revenue. It will allocate 60% to staking rewards and burn 40%, bolstering its supply and demand dynamics and meaning holders directly benefit from the casino’s success.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is a groundbreaking new project enabling users to cloud mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX on its Ethereum-based platform. 

Like other tokens on the list, Bitcoin Minetrix has attracted notable bullish predictions. For instance, YouTuber Crypto Gains believes it could “Disrupt Bitcoin mining,” while gatzkiee predicts it could 100x.

One of the reasons for the bullish predictions is the value of the platform’s mining rewards could skyrocket following the Bitcoin halving, with the Bitcoin price expected to reach $120K in 2024, according to Standard Chartered.

Another exciting thing about Bitcoin Minetrix is that it revolutionizes Bitcoin mining, enabling anyone to start with just an Ethereum-compatible wallet. Users stake $BTCMTX tokens for cloud mining credits, which they can burn for mining power. This translates to free Bitcoin.

The central role of $BTCMTX indicates significant utility-driven demand, and the supply will be scarce as most tokens will be locked for staking.

Moreover, the ease at which users can get started removes many of the barriers to Bitcoin mining, moving the industry closer to mass adoption.

Investors can buy $BTCMTX for $0.0118 but must act fast as its price will rise in four days.


Another project currently displaying significant bullish momentum is TokenSight. It is a newly launched cryptocurrency DEX protocol, offering “CEX-like” features such as copy trading, real-time price and on-chain activity alerts, and much more.

The $TKST project launched on exchanges at the end of October and has a product launch within two weeks. This puts it in a similar position to other cryptos on our list, where traders who buy today can get in from the ground up.

Yet, despite being newly launched, it has already garnered significant attention, with one analyst recently highlighting that it has already accrued $1 million in trading fees on its beta platform.

Another promising factor about TokenSight is its team has a proven track record, as highlighted by X influencer Kaduna. The team received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation for “account abstraction,” a cutting-edge technology that simplifies the crypto user onboarding process.

TokenSight currently holds a $8.3 million market cap, with its price up 1.9% in the last day and 5.14% in the last week. Yet, with backing from countless analysts, a solid use case, and a well-versed team behind it, TokenSight may be able to climb significantly as the next bull run approaches.

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