67% gamers prefer gaming on PCs over mobile phones: Study

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The majority of gamers prefer gaming on PCs over smartphones, according to the findings of  HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023. The study, which covered 3,000 gamers across 15 Indian cities, also found that gamers are willing to invest over Rs 1 lakh on average for a gaming PC.  

“When it comes to gaming devices, PCs emerge as the preferred choice, with 67% of gamers favouring them over mobile phones. The study also reveals that gamers are willing to invest over INR 1 lakh on average for a gaming PC,” the study said. 

Key reasons for preferring PCs over mobiles for gaming include better FPS (frames per second) and display.

Here are other key findings of the study:  

Income from Gaming on the rise:

The earnings from gaming are growing in India as compared to 2022, with nearly half of serious gamers respondents claiming to earn -between 6 to 12 lakh per annum in 2023.

Roles Gamers are eyeing in the future:

The gaming industry in India is also helping gamers try their hands at various career options. Apart from being a gamer, the respondents indicated having eyes on being an influencer or esports manager in the future.

Parents’ perspective on gaming turning positive:

40 per cent of parents participating in the study admitted that their perception of gaming has turned positive in the last few years, mainly due to the growth of the industry.

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However, concerns about the stability of a gaming career and the potential for social isolation persist among parents.  

Gaming goes pan-India:

Gaming is not restricted to metros now. The study shows a strong surge in serious gamers in non-metro cities.

Gaming is also not limited to a specific demographic, as 75 per cent of GenZ and 67 per cent of Millennials are serious gamers. 58 per cent of women respondents are identified as serious gamers, underlining the inclusive nature of gaming.

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