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There are advantages to choosing a spot near your wedding. It could help you and your friends save on flights and even hotel costs, said Priya Malani, the chief executive and a founder of Stash Wealth, a millennial-focused financial planning service in New York City.

“Since we were already having a destination wedding, we thought, ‘Well, if all of our closest friends are already in Europe, why not keep the party going?’” Ms. Godwin said.

Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of trip you want to have: Do you want to lounge at the beach? Explore a city? Hike all day?

Victoria Mottola, 32, a pharmacist, and Manny Fuente, 34, a lawyer, wanted a little bit of everything for their 25-person Mallorca, Spain, buddymoon in October. After their wedding in Toledo, Spain, the Miami-based couple picked the neighboring island because of its history and its access to bars, boats and beach clubs.

It was a different story for Kresson Taylor, 25, a Montessori teacher and content creator from Muskoka, Ontario, who planned her Nova Scotia and New Brunswick buddymoon with her husband, Casey Van Erp, 27, a carpenter, in September with six friends. “For us personally, it was really adventure based,” she said. “Park, park, hike, mountain, no sleep.”

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