Canon developing Dual Lens for EOS R7 camera for recording spatial video for Apple Vision Pro

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Canon has announced that it is developing the RF-S7.8mm f/4 STM Dual lens for its popular EOS R7 camera. The new development is aimed at enabling users to capture moments in spatial video while also allowing them to relive memories on the Apple Vision Pro. 

The new Dual lens would be an addition to Canon’s EOS VR System lineup which is going to be available later this year. 

The RF-S7.8mm f/4 STM Dual lens is going to give videographers an opportunity to record spatial videos even in challenging lighting conditions. After capturing video with the interchangeable lens, the EOS VR Utility app helps in transforming the video captured from the camera to spatial video, which viewers can watch on the Apple Vision Pro.

Moreover, the RF-S7.8mm f/4 STM Dual lens is also expected to feature a field angle that would be similar to a person’s field of view enabling videographers to naturally capture sights. The lens is also supposed to be equipped with a high-speed autofocus mechanism, allowing users of all levels to record spatial video.

The EOS VR System, launched in 2021, features dual lenses and utilizes the left and right lenses to produce content with depth and dimension. To streamline the video production workflow, the light entering from the respective lenses is recorded on a single CMOS sensor, which eliminates the need for camera position adjustments or synchronization prior to shooting, or the need for piecing together footage after filming.

The RF-S7.8mm f/4 STM Dual lens is envisioned by Canon to produce immersive video as videographers try to explore new ways of storytelling.

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