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Spoiler photos from the set of the new Deadpool movie show an iconic villain being brutally killed.

The huge Marvel blockbuster, which is set to hit movie screens in July next year, will see Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the titular character.

But he’ll also be joined by best pal Hugh Jackman, who has been back in the gym to bulk up to play Wolverine again.

Despite previously hanging up his claws, the Hollywood actor will be back as X-Men character James ‘Logan’ Howlett in the Deadpool sequel.

In snaps from the set, Wolverine can be seen doing battle with nemesis Sabretooth in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland.

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Sabretooth, who was first seen in the original X-Men film, is the half-brother of Wolverine in the comics.

During a dramatic battle, Wolverine can be seen attacking Sabretoothe in grisly scenes which end in the villain’s gory death.

Reynold’s character Deadpool then picks up the mutant’s bloodied head and starts mocking his long hair.

Many fans had predicted that Sabretooth might be the villain in the latest Deadpool movie, but it seems like he won’t be around for long.

According to scooper MyTimeToShineHello: “The events of Deadpool 3 take place after the Loki S2 finale. The TVA got word that the Kangs are gathering and a new Multiversal War is about to start so they create an army of Multiversal heroes, mostly from dying worlds, to fight the Council of Kangs.

“Mr. Paradox [Matthew Macfadyen] is replacing Mobius [Owen Wilson] (Mobius was going to be in it for awhile and could still have a cameo but they decided to just leave him out of this story. He’ll be back in full in the Avengers films) and is trying to recruit Wolverine.

“Deadpool who’s a prisoner at the TVA after messing with time hears about it and escape. His plan is to get Wolverine to come with him instead so they could become BFFs.”

Deadpool 3 hits cinemas on July 26, 2024.

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