Elon Musk to add video feature to X Spaces

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Elon Musk has announced that it will soon add a video feature to X Spaces, the social network’s live audio conversation feature. He mentioned that the microblogging platform plans to launch the feature by the end of the year or early next year, an IANS report read. “From a feature standpoint, we are working on adding video to Spaces. It’ll just be a simple thing where you can turn the video on or off,” Musk said.

The tech billionaire also noted that in multi-speaker Spaces sessions, the video feed would automatically switch to the person who is currently speaking, similar to the way Google Meet or other video conferencing platforms work.

“It’s helpful to see people’s body language as they speak… It conveys more information if you can see their face and their body language if they wish to,” Musk stated. By adding video to Spaces, X likely hopes to allow users to engage with their audiences on the social network without having to go to another platform, the report mentioned.

Meanwhile, X has released a new feature that will let users share their community posts with all followers on iOS. An engineer at X announced the feature in a post, saying that the new feature is available to users on iOS first and will be available on the web and Android soon. Users, who want to broadcast a community post, can do so by selecting the ‘Also send to followers’ option when posting in a community. The post will also be available in the poster’s profile.

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