How To Make Soft And Tasty Cheeni Paratha In Minutes: Quick Guide Inside

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Whether it’s the chilly winter or scorching summer, stuffed parathas hold a special place in our hearts. Paratha, a beloved Indian bread, comes in various delightful variations. From plain parathas to those filled with seasonal vegetables, the options are endless. However, have you ever tried the unique and delightful Chinese Paratha? Many of us fondly remember enjoying Sugar Parathas during our childhood – a treat that not only satisfies sweet cravings but also makes for a great addition to children’s lunchboxes. If you’ve ever faced the challenge of your sugar parathas turning hard or the sugar getting burnt, fret not. We bring you some useful tips along with the recipe to ensure your sugar paratha turns out perfect every time.

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Whether it’s a cosy morning or a sudden sweet tooth, here’s a simple guide to crafting soft and tasty Cheeni Parathas in just a few minutes.

Getting Started: The Secret to Soft Dough

The key to a great Cheeni Paratha lies in the dough. Instead of water, use milk during kneading for that extra softness. Don’t forget to let the dough rest after kneading; it makes a noticeable difference in the end result.

Avoiding Hiccups: Tips for a Smooth Preparation

Creating the perfect Cheeni Paratha is about finesse. Keep the dough soft – it makes rolling easier. Use a moderate flame to cook, preventing any burnt mishaps. A dash of baking soda in the flour can add to the desired softness.

Step-by-Step Recipe: How To Make Cheeni Paratha In Minutes

1. Soft Dough Preparation: Knead a soft dough, opting for milk over water. Let it rest, allowing the ingredients to blend.

2. Sweet Filling: Roll out a portion of the dough, add a generous spoon of sugar, and seal the edges, creating a sweet pocket.

3. Rolling it Out: Flatten the paratha into a circular shape, similar to a regular roti, ensuring an even sugar distribution.

4. Cooking Time: On a heated pan, brush the paratha with ghee or oil. Cook on a low flame, letting the sugars caramelize slowly.

5. Serve and Enjoy: Pair the warm Cheeni Paratha with a side of cool curd for a delightful flavour combination.

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In just a few minutes, transform basic ingredients into a culinary delight. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or a sudden sweet craving, mastering the art of Cheeni Paratha guarantees a satisfying experience that captures the essence of Indian comfort food.

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