MLS fines LAFC, suspends supporter group 3252 for misconduct

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LAFC has been fined $100,000 and supporter group 3252’s privileges have been suspended pending an investigation by MLS due to allegations of “serious misconduct,” the league announced Wednesday night.

The supporter group set off flares not authorized by MLS during LAFC’s Western Conference final match against Houston, creating so much smoke it delayed the game.

MLS announced supporter privileges for 3252 attending MLS Cup Saturday will be restricted. Fans could face other sanctions next season after the league completes its investigation.

“In coordination with MLS, LAFC agrees to conduct a full investigation of the incident and violators will be subject to further penalties, indefinite bans [including MLS Cup] and all appropriate legal action,” MLS announced in a news release. “The comprehensive review will focus on improving security and supporter management processes for 2024 and beyond.”

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