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Ozzy Osbourne has given a candid new interview, opening up on his ongoing health problems and regrets of not being able to perform one last gig for his fans.

The conversation also got onto his Black Sabbath bandmates, in which he praised the guitarist and drummer for being there for him but slammed the bassist for not reaching out when he became ill.

Speaking with Rolling Stone UK, Ozzy said: “You do find out who’s a genuine friend when you’ve been through what I’ve had.

“Tony Iommi has been so supportive of me since my illness.

“Geezer Butler hasn’t given me one f***ing phone call. Not one f***ing call.”

Ozzy continued: “When his son was f***ing born, I phoned him every f***ing night even though we were at war with each other, Black Sabbath and me [after Ozzy’s sacking].”

The Black Sabbath singer was fired from the band in 1979 due to his alcohol and drug abuse.

Speaking previously with Express.co.uk, Geezer told us: “I was very sad that the inevitable had to happen. I did shed tears, but eventually, it was the right move. Both Ozzy and Sabbath went onwards and upwards from that point.”

Ozzy continued: “I thought, ‘F*** it, he’s my mate, I’m gonna call him.’ But from him, not one f***ing call. It’s sad, man. We all grew up together, and he can’t pick up the f***ing phone like a man and see how I’m doing.”

Ozzy added: “Even Bill Ward has been in touch with me. I said some things about Bill, and I don’t know why I said it, but when I came through my illness, he contacted me. I’m not in shock, I’m just very f***ing sad that he can’t just call me after all this time and say, ‘How you doing?’ F***king a***hole.”

The Black Sabbath members have been through a lot over the last half century so he’s hoping Ozzy and Geezer can mend these wounds.

The December/January issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now.

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