TG Casino Token Raised $3M Through its ICO

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Amid the emergence of the crypto casino trend, one project is grabbing investors’ attention and deemed significantly undervalued by analysts.

It is called TG Casino and is currently undergoing a presale, having just hit its landmark $3 million milestone in eight weeks. There is now just $2 million left until the presale reaches its hard cap.

TG Casino brings more to the table than your average new crypto launch. It is a fully licensed and regulated Telegram-based casino offering users anonymous gambling directly from the Telegram app.

The platform has already garnered over 2,000 players who have wagered more than $20 million.

TG Casino Team on a Winning Streak After Announcing New Roadmap

The project has gone from strength to strength lately. After receiving significant interest from punters, traders, and influencers alike, the TG Casino team let the community in on its plans.

TG Casino detailed its roadmap in an X thread on Tuesday, splitting it into six stages, all aiming to increase its odds for long-term success. The roadmap will take place over a six- to nine-month stint, with stages 1 and 2 already completed.

Stage 3 focuses on marketing, community rewards, growing the TG Casino team, product development, and facilitating a total wager of $50 million.

Then, stage 4 will hone in on solidifying TG Casino’s long-term potential, scouting for acquisitions, gamifying the ecosystem, more community rewards, a full web casino, and a $100 million wagering target.

Stage 5 will see the previous efforts reinstilled through product development, a VIP discord, additional community rewards, new hiring, and a $150 million wagering target.

The final stage focuses on expanding TG Casino into a formidable force through efforts like B2B opportunities, customer-exclusive games, continued marketing, recruitment, and more. It also targets a $225 million wagering target. 

Ultimately, these factors display TG Casino’s intricate and thorough strategy, attesting to why it has performed so strongly thus far and laying the way for an explosive future trajectory.

Regardless of how powerful a use case a project may have, its ability to gather momentum is pivotal to its success. Crypto is a social industry, and prices are heavily influenced by social media, market sentiment, and hype – this is why meme coins often quickly explode, for instance.

This is excellent news for TG Casino because the project has been rolling off the tongues of the industry’s most renowned analysts.

Countless top X analysts have backed TG Casino, including Eric Cryptoman, Little Mustacho, Poe, and Erik Stevens, to name a few.

Eric Cryptoman predicts it “could be a huge runner when it launches,” given its advantages over competitor products.

Meanwhile, YouTubers are also rallying behind TG Casino. The Crypto News YouTube channel dubbed it the “Next 10x crypto sensation,” while Alessandro de Crypto labelled it the “next big hype.”

Yet, some analysts are even more bullish with HotCuppaCrypto speculating it could 100x after its presale.

Top media outlets have also got on board with TG Casino. According to its website, some entities already backing the project include Coinspeaker, Cointelegraph, Cryptonaute, and Coincierge.

This unprecedented level of support provides massive social proof for TG Casino, one of the key ingredients for the success of newly launched crypto projects.

Market-Leading Tokenomics Rewarding the Community

Complementing its robust use case and considerable hype is TG Casino’s cutting-edge tokenomics. The $TGC token features numerous utilities, all hinting at strong demand,

These include free rewards, 25% cashback on losses, access to exclusive games and rooms, and a 191% staking APY.

Additionally, it offers a captivating buyback mechanism that repurchases $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s revenue. It will allocate 60% of the tokens to staking rewards and burn 40%.

This bolsters $TGC’s supply and demand dynamics, making it deflationary and enabling users to benefit from the casino’s success.

The team has allocated 40% of tokens to the presale, 20% to exchange liquidity, 20% to staking rewards, 10% to player rewards, 5% to affiliates, and 5% to marketing. This token allocation heavily favors community rewards and participation while ensuring the project’s long-term growth.

Considering these factors, TG Casino seems poised for noteworthy success. However, many investors are already catching on, causing the presale to sell out quickly.

With just $2 million left to raise until it launches on exchanges and a presale price hike in three days, those looking to get in at the best price should act fast.

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