Today’s NYT Strands Hints, Answer and Help for June 14, #103

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Look out, Wordle and Connections, here comes Strands. Like those two games, Strands is a New York Times online word game. Right now, Strands is only in beta, so it doesn’t yet show up in The New York Times’ Games app. You need to go directly to the game. And because it’s in beta, meaning it’s still being tested, it might be improved before it’s fully released. I go into depth about the rules for Strands in this story. 

Honestly, Strands reminds me of those old-fashioned Word Find books they used to sell in every grocery-store checkout lane. You’ve given a grid of letters, but unlike the Word Find books, no list of words. That’s what makes the game fun — and frustrating.

And if you’re reading this, you probably need some help with the June 14 Strands puzzle, so here we go. Warning: Scroll down too far and too fast and you’ll see spoilers.

Need more answers? Here is the answer for today’s Wordle, and here are the answers for today’s Connections.

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Hint for today’s Strands puzzle

Today’s Strands theme is Take a load off.

But if that doesn’t help you, here’s a clue: Sit on it, Potsie..

Clue words to unlock in-game hints

Strands will point out the theme words for you, but you gotta earn them. Every time you find three words of four letters or more, Strands will highlight a theme word. These are the clue words I used to get hints, but any words of four or more letters that you find will work. 


Answers for today’s Strands puzzle

These are the themed answers that tie in to the theme. The goal of the puzzle is to find eight, including the spangram, a theme word that reaches from one side of the puzzle to the other. When you’ve got all eight, every letter on the board will be used. Here are the seven non-spangram answers.


Today’s Strands spangram

Today’s Strands spangram is SEATING. To spell it out, start with the S that’s five rows down, and wiggle your way across the puzzle.

Screenshot showing the answers for the June 14 Strands game.

Seat yourself!

Screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

How to play NYT Strands

1. Use today’s theme to look for words relating to that topic. See one? Drag or click the letters in order. Click on the last letter twice to submit your guess. If you’ve found a theme word, it’ll light up in blue and stay that way.

2. Other words you find are considered hint words that give you clues to the theme words. Find three hint words (they must have at least four letters each), and the game will reward you by showing you a theme word. But if you can’t unscramble it, find three more hint words, and the game will highlight the theme word’s letters in order.

3. Hunt for the spangram, a special theme word that spans the entire puzzle, though it could flow across, or top to bottom. It summarizes the puzzle theme.

4. When you’re done, you’ll have used every letter on the board in either a theme word or spangram. Theme words fill the entire board and do not overlap. 

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