Watch: X User Finds Only Two Chips In Lays Packet, Internet Reacts

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Many packaged snacks and chips come in packets that are far too big for the quantity. There have been many jokes and memes on this topic, with people pointing out how the air in these packets is more than the food itself. Recently, an X post revealed an extreme case of this alleged imbalance. This video, about a customer who only found two chips in his Lay’s packet, has grabbed many eyeballs online. In the clip, we see the person opening a Rs 5 packet of Lay’s salted-flavoured potato chips. Going by the video, it seems the man started recording to point out the packaging issues with the product. However, he was left stunned to find out the abysmal quantity of chips. The now-viral video begins with the man attempting to open a puffed-up chips packet. Towards the middle of the clip, the man can be heard saying in the background, “I don’t know what kind of Lay’s it is.” Soon after this, he opens the packet completely and finds two big-sized chips inside.

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Witnessing this, he said, “Only two Lay’s are there. Just see. Baas do hi chips hain is Lay’s ke packet mein. Aap dekh sakte hain. Aur yeh Rs 5 ka hai. [Only two chips are inside this Lay’s packet. You can see. And this is worth Rs 5].” While complaining about the quantity of the snacks, the man tagged both Lay’s and PepsiCo. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Dear Lay’s India and PepsiCo, today’s snack session took an unexpected turn. Purchased a 5 rupee classic salted pack with hopeful anticipation, only to unveil a mere two chips inside. Is this the new standard? As a loyal customer, this falls short of expectations.”

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the X user.

The X post has received a wide range of reactions online. Several users channelled their wit and claimed that the customer was lucky to even find two chips in a bag full of air. A comment read, “Oh wow!!! You got chips there… I thought you only got flavoured air inside the packet!!! Lucky you!!!”

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Many users wondered why the man was recording. Responding to this, the person responded that the weight of the packet left him doubtful, which is why he opened his camera. A user commented, “Just curious. How did you deduce that there will be just 2 or 3 or… chips to record a video of it? We’ll also do the same and sue the brand.”

In response to this, the man said, “Actually weight was quite low, at first I thought there would be nothing in it, just powder.”

“5 Rs Cadbury has more content it seems,” a hilarious comment read.

A user jokingly said, “Glad you at least got two. I sometimes get only nitrogen.”

Making fun of Lay’s offer of 25 per cent extra chips, another user wrote, “Galti se bas 25% extra wala hee daal diya, baaki daalna bhool gaye.” [“By mistake, they only added the extra 25% of chips; forgot to put the remaining.”]

A few did the pricing breakdown, as a comment read, “1 chip Rs 2.5 ka… Lol.”

The post also sparked a small meme fest in the comments section.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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