What Is Kriti Sanons Favourite Food? Hint: Its A Popular North Indian Dish

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Kriti Sanon is not just known among fans for her acting skills and stunning looks but also for her genuine passion for food. The actress has often expressed her fondness for different cuisines and is not shy about experimenting with food. Kriti, who hails from Delhi, has a special connection with North Indian cuisine. But do you know what her favourite meal is? She just posted a sneak peek of it on her Instagram stories, writing “my favvvv!” In one of her stories, the Mimi actress shared a picture of methi paratha topped with a generous dollop of Amul butter. It’s a simple combo, but oh-so-good! The herby kick from the methi works perfectly with the creamy richness of butter, making every bite a heavenly experience. We totally understand why that is her favourite! Take a look at her story here:
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A few days ago, Kriti Sanon shared another tempting post of two stuffed parathas with a touch of butter on top, accompanied by a cup of tea – a perfect combo! And that’s not all – she also indulged in two samosas with chutney. It looks like Kriti can’t resist these desi delights, just like the rest of us. Her caption said it all, “Little joys of life… Cuddles, self-love, food, calm, home, sunlight, and more food. (I’m a true Punjabi). Read here.
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Kriti Sanon frequently treats her Instagram followers to delightful food stories, giving a glimpse into her food cravings and indulgences. Not too long ago, the actress shared a video on her Instagram Stories, where she candidly expressed her love for chocolate. The clip, captured in a car, features Kriti making adorable faces while admitting to her morning chocolate cravings. “Sawere sawere craving chocolate today,” she playfully captioned the post, revealing that she does, in fact, have a sweet tooth. Check out the full story here.

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