Have Extra Roti From Last Meal? Make This Viral Egg Wrap With It

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Leftover food is a common sight in every household across the globe. But what you do with it is something of great interest, especially since cooking with leftover food has been in trend for the last few years. Would you not agree? In fact, people have become more conscious of sustainable and zero-waste cooking ever since the pandemic hit the world hard. A mere search on the internet will bring forth a range of recipes made with extra rice, roti, sabzi, dal, pasta, etc from your last meal. Then, of course, you have room to go creative with your recipes.
We recently came across one such recipe video that took the internet by storm, garnering more than eight million views and 95k likes in a week. It is a simple and flavourful egg wrap, made with leftover roti. The recipe video has been shared by content creator Punam Patil on her Instagram handle ‘thecrazyindianchef’.
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Watch The Recipe Video For Egg Wrap Here:

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Step-By-Step Recipe Of Egg Wrap With Leftover Roti:

To make the dish, you need roti, butter, egg, onion, capsicum, salt, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chopped cucumber, and red chilli powder.
1. Heat some butter in a pan.
2. Fry the roti in it.
3. Break an egg on the roti and whisk well.
4. Add some salt and butter and cook it well.
5. Spread some mayonnaise and tomato sauce on the roti.
6. Prepare a mix of cucumber, onion, salt, red chilli powder, and ketchup.
7. Add it as a filling for the wrap and roll it.
That’s it. You have a hot and delicious egg wrap ready to be relished.
Would you like to give this recipe a try? Let us know how you like to repurpose your leftover roti or paratha.

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